Day 0: A bit of housekeeping.

Hi. You probably got here from #the100dayproject, or from my post about it on Instagram. I feel a bit like I've invited a bunch of people to my house without cleaning up. This blog has been kind of a half-baked thing for a year or more now. I haven't even set up a decent text editor in here. Let us not get started on the looks of the thing, either.

As of right now, I've had 44 hits EVER on the site, which probably includes me. In fact, I'm sure it does. My Google Analytics account is one of those sad, sad places where all the hits are the site owner and ghost referral spam. I hate it when a client brings an account like this to me because I have to bear the bad news: "So, I am totally with you on the goal of increasing your website traffic. But the first thing we're going to do is get you to zero because basically you have a bunch of Russian sexbots hanging out on your site."

I have no categories. No keywords. No strategy. I'm here because I want to be here, because I want to strengthen my publication muscles, because I miss the act of writing in public. Because I've done a lot of agonizing (I'm A+ at agony) about why I can write all damn day without ever sharing. It's time to get moving, to start creating in public, to start writing out loud.

Besides, I'm a SUCKER for group accountability challenges.

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