Day 100: Mad King Thomas performs, at long last.

Today is day 100. I know that seems weird, because yesterday was day 98. But this is the end date of the project for everybody else, so I miscounted somewhere.

Not ten minutes ago I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself for having no idea of what to write and WISHING IT WERE OVER ALREADY. I have a lot of thoughts about the whole projects but I will share those tomorrow as an addendum.

Tonight I performed for the first time since last summer in Minneapolis. It was the phone dance project part two--details here. People keep asking me what the piece is like, and I keep telling them the truth: I don't know! I still don't know because I didn't see it. I will know in probably a month but right now there are about 100 people who know more about it than I do.

Here are some highlights:

Mad King Thomas got into costume for our part of the performance (giving direction over the phone). It was fun to make a costume again, and it was extra fun to see what Monica and Theresa decided to wear. I didn't set aside a lot of time for the costuming and I felt like I kinda knocked it out of the park. There's just something so easy and familiar about finding that right amount of absurdity.

The timing mechanism we use completely broke for no apparent reason. No one died! Things still go wrong in Mad King Thomas performances! All is right in the world!

I wondered about future/alternative iterations: I wondered about what it would be like to have the same cast perform as us several times. What slang would we develop in our pairings? What slang would develop among the three dancers? How much would we never know about each of these secluded phone relationships? Normally we obsessively share every detail. If I'm rehearsing a piece and have a different thought, I'll run it by Monica and Theresa. This process has so many people and weird set-ups that all those details get absorbed in the matter of just getting a dance together.

I wondered about a separate performance for the people not in Minneapolis--letting them watch the skype call version and hearing the instruction without seeing the performance. I thought a lot about how separated we can all be, how our eyes allow us to the see the universe, but they restrict us from seeing it the way, say, a bumblebee sees it. The dancers here allow us to affect the audience but we can barely tell how or why it happens. It was so surprising to hear after the show that the piece was sexy! I had no idea. I have no idea what that even means.

We spent most of the talk-back chattering on skype chat to each other, guessing at who was speaking and what they were saying. It was fun and made it feel like we were telepathically connected--having a secret conversation no one else was in on. I realized maybe that's what I miss about being in the room together--it's hard to define "connection" and harder still to say why it doesn't manifest on skype calls, but in a regular performance or talkback, even though I'm NOT talking to Monica or Theresa, I feel like what I do is fully in conversation with them. I know we'll go over all the details later, we'll share what happened and process it that way. And skype doesn't feel that way at all.

I don't know what will be next for this piece, or future pieces. I got really excited about a project where we could show our films on the Sunset Strip. so maybe that will happen? If you were there, we'd seriously love to hear whatever you have to say.

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