Day 66: What do I even like to do.

We're all going to die (and I'm not even talking about Brexit!)

It seems important to be able to answer the question: What do I love to do with my time?

We've all filled out online profiles and dating profiles and other profiles that asked us those questions, and mostly we put aspirational things. I like to hike and save children while cooking five course meals! I like a lot of things but I don't actually spend that much time doing the things I like. And I know I'm not alone. It's gotten better since I destroyed a bunch of my hobbies--like the suckers that grow at the base of a tree, they never got big and they siphoned off energy that could be better spent elsewhere. Tonight I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could design amazing great band posters and how fulfilling that would be, which, yeah, it would be great, but also, totally not necessary to my life in anyway. Gone.

A short list of things I like to do:

  • Dance in my living room
  • Write
  • Watch tv shows
  • Read good books
  • Stretch
  • Walk in nature
  • Look at plants or clouds or other natural things
  • Play board games (mostly)
  • Driving and listening to music
  • Painting my nails
  • Taking a bath
  • Trying new makeup techniques
  • Dressing up

One thing I notice is that except for board games, which only merits a "mostly", I don't need the active participation of anybody for the rest of these activities. Maybe I can make a list of things I like that other people are usually present for?

  • Hanging out with my favorite people
  • Scuba diving
  • Dancing in public
  • Singing karaoke
  • Taking a dance class or similar physical group activity (karate)

Being a blissfully unproductive hermit sounds pretty great, but it does prevent me from connecting with other human beings which I'm pretty sure is important. I'm also afraid I will disappear if I only do these quiet things in my home, away from people. I already feel like I'm dissolving into the fabric of a city where I am unknown. What happens if I actually disappear? What if no one knows who I am or what I'm doing or why?

Probably it's fair to say that I simply have a narrow understanding of what I like and that actually I like many more things than you see here.

Let's take a sort of nutritional view on the subject. There are probably component parts of all activities that we all crave, at least a tiny bit, right?

  • Moving our bodies
  • Consuming art in some form
  • Being with people
  • Being alone
  • Being productive
  • Being aimless
  • Resting
  • Working
  • Creating art in some form
  • Learning
  • Practicing

I hate to bring up the b-word but maybe it's about having a little of everything. I don't know, it's not a very well-developed theory. My next idea of course I want to make fancy pie charts in my ridiculous journal--for each activity, how much of each vitamin does it provide? Am I ODing on alone time or consumption time or creation time, or....?

I promised myself I'd be done before midnight, so we'll have to leave this here.

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