Day 75: Things I thought about writing but didn't write

  • Being a fat chick at Target
  • How every department but the women's section has great clothes with unicorns on them.
  • Related: Can we stop with the pompoms and fringe please.
  • Game of Thrones.
  • How tired I am of this project
  • Camping again
  • I did the down part of a full pushup sixteen times yesterday and I felt like a beast.
  • I did the down part of a full pushup sixteen times yesterday and now my arms can't decide if they a) never want to do that again or b) want to do that all the time.
  • Shorts: The worst or just close to it?
  • Los Angeles, birthplace of modern American convenience (see: highways, supermarkets, netflix); we'd apologize but you know you love that shit
  • Bullet journals: So basic. So perfect.
  • I can't get enough of drawing all these fake banners in my Bullet Journal.
  • How personality tests tell me I don't trust anybody else's system and how I also think these systems are bullshit
  • Seriously though, Myers-Briggs is awful
  • I'm going to Africa to see a desert and Europe to dance in a rustic farmhouse
  • I want more time to think about things that aren't daily life
  • This project can be what I want it to be, it's not the fault of this project that everything is falling to pieces
  • Verdict: Bras are worse than shorts but unfortunately more useful
  • Queers who gaslight/gatekeep other queers, and how that's fucked up and has gotta stop
  • Camels
  • How keeping a list of things I thought about doing but didn't do has improved my life


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