Day 85: Six things I could only have learned in Minnesota

Today I wrote a reaaaaaaally convoluted explanation of how YNAB handles credit cards, because it seriously took so much for me to figure out wtf they are up to. But it needs a little more editing than I can do right now. I wrote this awhile ago and while it's largely irrelevant to my life now, it makes me smile.

  1. A shovel is really, really something you need to carry. Because you can get stuck anywhere. By yourself.
  2. Layers! Wear layers, and tuck them into one another.
  3. Slightly unlaced snow boots is kind of a sexy look.
  4. Spring is the snowiest season.
  5. Seeing a tiny green thing poking out of the earth can reduce a person to tears.
  6. Pushing people who got their cars stuck in snow/ice is actually pretty fun.
  7. "Uffda" is appropriate for all situations.


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