Day 93: On laziness.

Stop calling yourself lazy.

You are not lazy.

You don't prioritize That Thing you're beating yourself up over. I don't care why. You work your ass off at stuff, just not at That Thing you feel guilty about not doing.

And that's fine. You are not lazy

Stop calling yourself lazy. Stop thinking of yourself as lazy. Unless you've reclaimed lazy, and are a power-leisure type, you probably think lazy = worthless, lesser, flawed.

It's okay to rest! It's okay to not do all the things!

Calling yourself lazy makes you feel bad about yourself. You know what generally doesn't motivate people? Feeling like crap. Calling yourself lazy ends up an excuse for why you don't have to try harder. It's not that The Thing is hard, it's that you're a terrible, inherently lazy person who just never is going to work that hard because you're inherently flawed and no one will ever love you because you're lazy.

I've never met a lazy person. People naturally like to DO STUFF. Kids just run around DOING STUFF. It's only when we are adults and we get scared, tired, anxious, overworked, demotivated, etc. that we start to be "lazy".
Look at That Thing you're not doing and ask why. Throw out any answers that indicate you're a bad/lazy/flawed/impure/unworthy person. There are real answers under there.

Your life choices may not be the best life choices. Your life might be worse because of whatever it is you're "lazy" about. If you did That Thing, you might really be happier. But you don't do That Thing. Let go of our obsessive Protestant work ethic. Enjoy your leisure time. Enjoy your work time. It's scary to stop worrying about being lazy. But it's worth it.

Stop beating yourself up about not doing That Thing, or start doing it. Eventually your innate desire to do That Thing will rise up, and drive you towards it. There are many obstacles between ourselves and the objects of our desire, but you will learn to overcome them.

You must learn how to kindle your own motivation, to build the fire that drives you forward in life. Pouring water on the ashes every night as you bemoan your own laziness, well, you can see where that goes.

So stop calling yourself lazy.

A recovering over-achiever


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