Day 96: A cleaning weekend retrospective

Watching spiders scurrying into dark corners
Laughing at how Caesar sleeps when it is hot, legs spread out so the heat will dissipate
Going to the car wash and buying a Royal Pine air freshener like my grandmother used to keep
Wishing the future were not so murky
Pouring coconut flakes into a funnel
Stirring coconut flakes to get them to fall
Reading DIY facemask recipes that I never use
Asking everyone what they really want in life
Wanting to make even more lists
Washing my feet before bed
Zip-tying cords together
Shelling peanuts
Watching the orange sun at 10 am
Watching the orange sun at 3 pm
Donating a pack of googly eyes and my last suit to Goodwill
Talking myself out of buying more potted plants
Creating elaborate pages in my composition book
Finding strange, small forgotten items in the bottoms of drawers
Wishing this could be over
Sitting by the window in the breeze
Shredding old papers (finding victory as I admit defeat)
Realizing everything is in the wrong place
Cataloguing headlamps
Taking selfies in my cleaning outfit
Using all the sandwich-size ziploc bags
Making Paul touch my sweat-soaked hair
Moving fans, moving fans, moving fans


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