On the genesis of this blog.

This has been a long time coming. A train far away, a seed in the earth, a storm building...there are a bunch of metaphors I could use but let's just say: This isn't some flash in the brainpan.

I once kept an online diary. I was 16. It was semi-anonymous because this was the mid-90s and Google hadn't yet formed the internet in its own image.

Back then, I wrote more. I had an audience. I absorbed my days and turned them into essays, rants, letters, poems. It came naturally. People followed along and cheered or doubted or whatever. I don't know that it was **good**, exactly, but it perpetuated itself.

Then I graduated from college and in the midst of all those Life Changes, I didn't want to write publicly anymore. I didn't want to start again in that same place but without it, I felt lost, unsure of who I was or what I would write.

That was 9 years ago.

After a new set of Life Changes, I started to despair that I would ever produce any writing for an audience ever again. I will take a moment here to let you know that I am really quite good at despairing, so this was some top level, on-point, Oscar-winning despair.

I got mired in the Strategy Question. What audience do I target? What do they want to hear about? Any time I answered either question, an entire section of my brain felt orphaned. I wanted to combine personal with work with artistic but everybody kept saying that was a bad idea.

Then I found this article, which basically says, "If you actually want to write, then set a schedule and treat it like a job, then."

Shit, I am actually really good at doing things like they are a job.

The obvious choice to me was to restart that stupid strategy cycle--oh, God in heaven, help me answer the extremely fraught question of what to write!--but in the depths of this despair I glimpsed the real answer: Any question that rises up between me and the act of writing must be shut the fuck down.

So yeah, I have a plethora of topics and they don't overlap. The internet is just going to have to deal with my bicycling-knitting-choreographer-drupal developer-recipes-writer-fiction-hiking reviews-poetry-essays-drawrings-travelogue niche.

So, here we are. You, whoever you are, and me. I don't want to play games with buzzfeed lists or wordcount or what's above the fold. I want to write well on things that interest me, and until I get good at that, I want to write often on things that interest me.

No strategy. No games. Writing. Indulging. Producing.

Cuz if it feeeeeeels good, do it.

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