This week's reads (Feb 10, 2020)

Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha, by Porpentine

With Those We Love Alive, by Porpentine

About With Those We Love Alive:
Review, by Emily Short
Review, by Alice O'Connor

Interview with Porpentine:
Porpentine Charity Heartscape, by Alexander Iadarola
On interactive fiction:

It’s a matter of making the game better at communicating to the player what kinds of things are valid actions in the first place — indicating the affordances of the system, in other words.

So, Do We Need This Parser Thing Anyway?, by Emily Short

CYOA structures: The Cave of Time, yes, on a LiveJournal (this kind of story mapping has definitely been on my mind lately so it's cool to see someone else doing it)

Harlowe 3.0.1 Manual

With those we love alive, by Porpentine (a very uncomfortable and compelling game)

How much effort is it? How expressive is it? How ambiguous is it? How discoverable is it? How much pressure is there? How much is the player required to embody the actions of the protagonist?

Not all choice interfaces are alike, by Emily Short

On being/becoming a satisfied writer:
Seven Questions for your Writing Journey, by Fred Meyer

On Magic: the Gathering:
Limited Resources 519 – Level-Up: 7 Ways to Tighten Up Your Game

On adolescence and friends and all kinds of things:
The Outsize Influence of Your Middle-School Friends, by Lydia Denworth


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