Day 9: Magical thinking

Let's talk about magical thinking.

I've started using "magical thinking" as short-hand for lazy thinking. I have been using the phrase to denote the times when my mind tricks me into glossing over details as "unimportant" or "obvious". The way I convince myself a certain result will happen from a given action, without investigating the connection between the action and the result. Thinking everything will be just fine if I don't attend to the details.

Day 7: Arts non-profits and a general sense of unease

Today I attended an event at the Women's Center for Creative Work. The event was called How We Organize: A Critical Reading & Discussion Group on Non-Profit Arts Organizing. It basically checked all conceivable boxes for me (not really, but like 80% of them). Arts? Organziations? Cynical critique of the non-profit system? At a feminist space?


Day 6: Visualizing Success for the Natural-Born Worrier

Right now I'm sitting in our postage stamp of a guest room by myself. I'm listening to Musicology, the Prince album from the tour I saw in 2004. If I took out my headphones, I would hear my neighbors having a party in their backyard--the chattering, laughing ruckus of a party in my neighbor's backyard. I can't smell anything. My entire head is itchy--allergies have turned my sinuses against me and my eyes are itchy disasters. Paul is asleep, Trista and Todd are driving home after a weekend of literally nothing but gaming and talking.

Day 3: What else is there.

There are so many things I could write about today. I could write about the vagaries of missing the SECOND DAY of a one hundred day project. I could share some of the awful copy I wrote yesterday for my business. I could write about the panel I was part of yesterday, about technology as a parallel career to an arts career. I could write about my orientation at the Small Business Development Center. I could write about DrupalCon and the BoF I am leading about Drupal in the arts.

But really, there is only one thing I can write about today.

Day 1: DrupalCon Mentoring

I signed up for my free (!) DrupalCon ticket today. It's in New Orleans this year, and will be my fourth DrupalCon. SiteGround gave me a free ticket! Thanks, SiteGround. That was pretty rad.

There I am, innocently filling out the registration form, when I see the question: Do you plan to sprint? Well, yes, obviously. But then I see..."Yes, I am a sprint mentor." And what do I do? I sign up to be a sprint mentor. Why would I do this? I am not a sprint expert! I've only been to three of them!

Day 0: A bit of housekeeping.

Hi. You probably got here from #the100dayproject, or from my post about it on Instagram. I feel a bit like I've invited a bunch of people to my house without cleaning up. This blog has been kind of a half-baked thing for a year or more now. I haven't even set up a decent text editor in here. Let us not get started on the looks of the thing, either.


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