Year five.

It's time for the fifth annual Big Shit Tara Learned This Year post.

Which means, YIKES, it's been five years! That's longer than I was in college.

  1. Having a job is okay.
  2. The fact of having a job has made this anniversary feel fraught in a strange way. *Why am I marking this anniversary if it's not about self-employment? Did I really hate my old job so much?*


Tomorrow I will be striking with thousands of other women (including one Trista King) as part of the International Women's Strike.

I've never been on strike in my life, and it feels a bit strange to strike right now. I have so many of the things women have fought for in the past:

A march, a future, a past

Why I marched:

because it was relatively easy
because it was clear and obvious
because I reject the idea that Americans are largely racist and fascist, in love with authority
because we must remind everyone that we are not racist and fascist, not in love with authority
because I wanted to be with people
because I wanted to see what this aspect of my adopted city is like, who comes, what they wear, how we dance
because it is a beginning

What I will do next:

On travel.

I've been relieved not to have the pressure of the everyday blog (EDB!) over my head this last month. It's been an intense month full of two (2!) unexpected trips to New Mexico for family health problems, some really hard conversations, and, you know, prepping and packing for this massive trip I'm taking in two days.


I've also felt keenly how much more I'd have written about all kinds of topics, if only I had made the time.

Day 100: Mad King Thomas performs, at long last.

Today is day 100. I know that seems weird, because yesterday was day 98. But this is the end date of the project for everybody else, so I miscounted somewhere.

Not ten minutes ago I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself for having no idea of what to write and WISHING IT WERE OVER ALREADY. I have a lot of thoughts about the whole projects but I will share those tomorrow as an addendum.

Day 96: A cleaning weekend retrospective

Watching spiders scurrying into dark corners
Laughing at how Caesar sleeps when it is hot, legs spread out so the heat will dissipate
Going to the car wash and buying a Royal Pine air freshener like my grandmother used to keep
Wishing the future were not so murky
Pouring coconut flakes into a funnel
Stirring coconut flakes to get them to fall
Reading DIY facemask recipes that I never use
Asking everyone what they really want in life
Wanting to make even more lists
Washing my feet before bed
Zip-tying cords together

Day 95: Cleanliness is godliness and God is empty, just like meeeeeeee.

Today Paul & I did our annual cleaning-all-the-things day. We have a whole stupid, boring, highly mature, perhaps slightly neurotic cleaning routine that we developed as we drove our things out to Los Angeles.

It was incredibly hot today, the sky looked like we were in hell, and yet! We got rid of things, organized other things, displaced a small nation of spiders, and generally felt good about ourselves by the time it was over.


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