Day 96: A cleaning weekend retrospective

Watching spiders scurrying into dark corners
Laughing at how Caesar sleeps when it is hot, legs spread out so the heat will dissipate
Going to the car wash and buying a Royal Pine air freshener like my grandmother used to keep
Wishing the future were not so murky
Pouring coconut flakes into a funnel
Stirring coconut flakes to get them to fall
Reading DIY facemask recipes that I never use
Asking everyone what they really want in life
Wanting to make even more lists
Washing my feet before bed
Zip-tying cords together

Day 95: Cleanliness is godliness and God is empty, just like meeeeeeee.

Today Paul & I did our annual cleaning-all-the-things day. We have a whole stupid, boring, highly mature, perhaps slightly neurotic cleaning routine that we developed as we drove our things out to Los Angeles.

It was incredibly hot today, the sky looked like we were in hell, and yet! We got rid of things, organized other things, displaced a small nation of spiders, and generally felt good about ourselves by the time it was over.

Day 94: Drive, by Daniel Pink

Finished another book! That means it's...BOOK REVIEW TIME. Or at least BOOK-RELATED THOUGHTS TIME.

The book: Drive, by Daniel Pink.

This is a book I've been told to read 100,000 times, courtesy of the Infinite Bullshit Machine that is the internet. Recently it appeared on my Kindle courtesy of the reservations system in the Los Angeles Public Library System.

I keep flipping between thinking it's really interesting and powerful, and thinking it's as obvious as it gets.

Day 93: On laziness.

Stop calling yourself lazy.

You are not lazy.

You don't prioritize That Thing you're beating yourself up over. I don't care why. You work your ass off at stuff, just not at That Thing you feel guilty about not doing.

And that's fine. You are not lazy

Stop calling yourself lazy. Stop thinking of yourself as lazy. Unless you've reclaimed lazy, and are a power-leisure type, you probably think lazy = worthless, lesser, flawed.

It's okay to rest! It's okay to not do all the things!

Day 91: I think this is what they call a "glimpse backstage"

Uffda. Remember when I said I would never skip two in a row? I never said I wouldn't skip 5 in a row, so here we are.

Today's selection is a little something I wrote for Mad King Thomas' upcoming performance by telephone, without explanation or further comment.

Waiting, watching the other two.
Nervous and laughing.
Like a second grader.

Day 86: How I am celebrating my birthday

  • Spending as much time putting on as much make-up as I want (current plan: Look like a unicorn)
  • Wearing my favorite outfit (it includes a crop top and gold sneakers)
  • Respawning on Nerd Fitness
  • Drawing pictures
  • Waiting to open my gifts
  • Eating crustaceans
  • Letting long-standing to-do items die a quiet death
  • Taking a class I've been wanting to take for literally years
  • Driving in the sunshine
  • Saying no to some of my "but it's my birthday!" impulses
  • Pruning my 2016 goal list


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