Day 91: I think this is what they call a "glimpse backstage"

Uffda. Remember when I said I would never skip two in a row? I never said I wouldn't skip 5 in a row, so here we are.

Today's selection is a little something I wrote for Mad King Thomas' upcoming performance by telephone, without explanation or further comment.

Waiting, watching the other two.
Nervous and laughing.
Like a second grader.

Day 86: How I am celebrating my birthday

  • Spending as much time putting on as much make-up as I want (current plan: Look like a unicorn)
  • Wearing my favorite outfit (it includes a crop top and gold sneakers)
  • Respawning on Nerd Fitness
  • Drawing pictures
  • Waiting to open my gifts
  • Eating crustaceans
  • Letting long-standing to-do items die a quiet death
  • Taking a class I've been wanting to take for literally years
  • Driving in the sunshine
  • Saying no to some of my "but it's my birthday!" impulses
  • Pruning my 2016 goal list

Day 81: Black lives matter.

I felt strange two days ago not posting about Alton Sterling, and then yesterday Philando Castile was shot and killed in a neighborhood I know. I wrote a lot, then, and decided to wait a day before sharing. Between now and then, five police died at the hands of a sniper.

I feel very, very sad today. I am not alone. Everyone in America is sad today.


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