Day 54: In the DNA of my Grit.

Remember when all those articles started appearing about how Grit was the only thing that determined success? It was more important than talent and passion and good looks combined. With grit you could win it all. Grit meant you could dust yourself off and try again, forever and ever.

A lot of these articles included a quiz. "How much grit do you have?" "Are you gritty?" "Do you have what it will take to succeed?"

Day 52: You don't need an app.

You don't need an app.

A lot of my clients fret about this: Do we need an app?

They fret about this because a lot of other people (technophilic neighbors, "thought" "leaders") walk around telling other people they need an app, or asking if they have an app, or giving them ideas for apps.

You don't have to listen to them. That excitable guy at your fundraiser doesn't know anything.

You don't need an app.

Why not?

Let's begin with what an app is and what an app is not.

Day 47: Consistency.

Much vaunted, rarely attained.

I am not, as you may know, particularly consistent. I do my best to present a fairly consistent self, to not fall to pieces or shape shift entirely, but over time it just isn't possible to be the same person all the damn time. Mercurial, chameleonic. Never thought of myself that way, but it becomes more and more apparent that that's how I am. And I think it's how we all are.

Day 45: Should you attend the Western Arts Alliance conference?

Dance Resource Center (who I am very honored to be working with) holds monthly gatherings for the Los Angeles dance community on the first Thursday of each month, 9-11 am. The group welcomes everybody, and it was one of the first places that made me feel like somebody in this bar godforsaken megalopolis beautiful city knows my name and is happy to see me.

Day 44: A list.

I believe in generosity.
I believe in being nice to other human beings and giving them the benefit of the doubt.
I believe in the benefit of the doubt, generally.
I believe in the power of writing.
I believe in strategy.
I believe in incremental change.
I believe in maintainability.
I believe in not shitting the bed.
I believe in ongoing learning.
I believe in educating others.
I believe in speaking clearly and compellingly on technical topics.
I believe in circling, wandering, jumping and rambling on personal topics.

Day 43: Life or Death Math Problems

I just spent the last five hours with Paul dredging up old algebra skills in an attempt to finally, once and for all, figure out HOW MONEY WORKS.

Okay, that's not the question we were trying to answer.

The question is: How can I know my business is financially healthy?

It shouldn't be hard. There are all kinds of axioms, including "Concern yourself with making your money, spend it later." A business without profits is not a business for long. Etc. etc.


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