I've been reading a lot about _monsters_.

As I write two adventures for Monster of the Week, I'm realizing there's a reason they suggest you start with the monster and work from there....the number of monsters, mythological threats, and otherwise spooky entities living in my head is large, but the details on them are thin.  This is how I spent tonight googling things like: 

monsters that guarantee youth
pied piper
curiosity monster

Day 40: Business Lessons from Board Gaming

If you're not aware, I'm a pretty avid board gamer. Between Paul & I, we have a collection of about 130 board games, which seems like a lot until you hear about all the ones we've gotten rid of. I spent eleven hours today playing a ten-player board game, which was just....the best. I am a total board game hipster. I regret nothing, except for the fact that I'm not really going to explain any of the games I mention below.


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