Day 67: Six steps to staying sane as you become a financial badass.

I've mentioned a class I took at the Actors Fund this spring in a few places. If you're working in the performing arts or film industry in LA and you don't feel like you get money and you're always broke, I highly, highly, highly recommend taking this class. It's free and it's life-changing.

Over the course of six weeks, we learned a lot of practical things, but the biggest lessons I learned were:

Day 43: Life or Death Math Problems

I just spent the last five hours with Paul dredging up old algebra skills in an attempt to finally, once and for all, figure out HOW MONEY WORKS.

Okay, that's not the question we were trying to answer.

The question is: How can I know my business is financially healthy?

It shouldn't be hard. There are all kinds of axioms, including "Concern yourself with making your money, spend it later." A business without profits is not a business for long. Etc. etc.

Day 31: Wobbles.

A few years ago I learned that you balance from your feet.

There were two separate incidents:

1) A class I took in which the teacher explained that you can actually visualize your center of gravity rolling around inside of your feet, like the axle of a wheel, just a half inch above the ground. It's very difficult to fall a half inch above the ground (though I managed it in spectacular fashion at age four). It changed my dancing to feel my feet under me that way. It changed the way I connected the ground, to my feet, to my ankles, to my legs, to my core.

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