Year Eight.

I recently realized that this blog post is its own personal holiday (of sorts).  It's a harvest festival, of sorts, where I look back on the year and try to figure out what the big themes of this year were. 


As I type this to you, my left finger tips feel sort of plastic. I play guitar every day, like three times a day. I just played for half an hour when I meant to be writing, because it's fun and I can feel how I'm creeping closer to being able to play a song. 


I have been preparing: 
Hands in the soil.
Conversations with friends. 

The birds and bees return. 
I dance and sing.
I chant when I wash my hands:
I must not fear.
I appreciate food in my cabinet. 
I go to bed early.


 I've been reading a lot about _monsters_.

As I write two adventures for Monster of the Week, I'm realizing there's a reason they suggest you start with the monster and work from there....the number of monsters, mythological threats, and otherwise spooky entities living in my head is large, but the details on them are thin.  This is how I spent tonight googling things like: 

monsters that guarantee youth
pied piper
curiosity monster


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