April 2014 Income Report

Client work: $656.50 (3.75 hours from 4 clients)

It's more accurate to say 3.75 hours for $217.50. I did most of the work in February. I also exchanged a lot of these hours ($400+) for a laptop. Hooray bartering!

Office job: $1773.59

Contracting job: $825

April's goal was $900, combined client/contract/freelance. I win!

Expenses: $79 (client theme-recouped, and book of illustrations)
Equipment: $520 (laptop, mouse, keyboard cover)
Travel: $450 (ticket to DrupalCon)
Marketing: $0

I no longer have my office job, so I'm relying 100% on contract and client work. My goal for billing in May (client/contract/freelance): $3,500

I'm out of town one week in May, so that will be a relatively big hit. But as of this writing, it's been a good month so far so I'm going to keep up my optimism.

Other money wins:

  1. I talked to a financial planner! And though I have not yet hired them, it made me feel good about my savings and made me motivated to start socking cash away for retirement.
  2. I started three new savings accounts: one for emergecy savings, one for travel, and one for taxes. I've been needing all three for a while, and my past year of total financial chaos has shown me that I'm not super good without distinct buckets for my money. Next up: A reinvigorated retirement account. And perhaps a house savings account.

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