March 2014 Income Report

March 2014 Income Report

Because I praise financial transparency in others, because it forces me to be upfront about what I'm doing, because it seems interesting, I've decided to post monthly income reports. I have a convoluted set of work relationships, including choreography, a day job, and freelancing; I'll try to lay it out here.

Client work:
7.09 hours: $806.50
from 5 clients

This is a little wonky because I thought invoicing on the first of the month made sense but really, it doesn't with Freshbooks. Then March hours accrue to April. I'm not charging over $100 an hour so I must be missing some hours that I worked in February but billed in March. April! April will be a fresh, beautiful start with correct, non-fuzzy math. I definitely prefer my math to look more like a nectarine than a peach.

Office job: $1753.78

Expenses: $89 (a client theme and a print expense, both reimbursed)
Education: $433 (DrupalCon Tuition signup)
Equipment: $0
Travel: $0
Marketing: $0

Goal for billing in April (client/contract/freelance): $900

To hit my goal, I'll almost certainly need to find another client. Obviously not quite making it work, yet. But I think these income reports will help.

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