Open Source

2020 Presentations

I gave a bunch of talks this year:

Command Line Basics for WordPress

DrupalCon Global

Keynote: Initiative Leads

Command Line Basics for Drupal Site Builders

Volunteer-Led Strategies for Helping the Drupal Community

Inclusive Leadership for Tech Leads, Managers & Open Source Maintainers

Techtonica Career Day

The CR Connect 2020 – October

  • Desk Stretches
  • Journaling for Mindfulness
  • Developing a Community Roadmap

Pantheon Stuff

  • Weekly Demo & Training (internal & external)
  • WebOps Summit Multidev & WebOps Summit General Demo
  • Multidev Access for All (Webinar) – April 28
  • WebOps Training for Pantheors
  • WebOps Collaborate Key
  • WP-CLI Webinar – July 9

DrupalCon EU – Siri Chillazi intro, Gift of Open Source

Intro to Drupal – DrupalCamp NYC


Data & Community at CRT Panel