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Day 24: Day 3 of DrupalCon

Lessons for next DrupalCon:

  1. Don't just sit there feeling sorry for yourself: Go talk to the people who have ANYTHING in common with you. Maybe they're funny on Twitter, or they have good shoes, or whatever. Do whatever it takes to find the people like yourself. They're here, but they're just as invisible as you feel.
  2. Volunteer for the Prenote already.
  3. Set up a BoF for whatever is your heart's desire. People will show up. It will make your heart feel happy.
  4. The closing session is always better than I think it will be.
  5. I want to make t-shirts for all the small shops out there; who's in?
  6. Make a list of all the do-able tasks, reading recommendations, module ideas, etc. that you had before you go to trivia. You probably won't do them all, but you'll at least have it in one place.
  7. More trombones. Always more trombones.

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