Open Source, Personal

Day 25: Lessons learned in mentoring and Friday night in the French Quarter


  1. If you think someone is in the wrong place, find the right place for them.
  2. Ask people how they are doing, and ask how you can help.
  3. Mentors are overwhelmed and can't find every lost soul.
  4. Be brave. Help others be brave.
  5. Practice beforehand.
  6. Tell your own story. Ask how they are doing and how they got there.
  7. Accept your own failures as cheerfully as you accept those of your learners.
  8. Always ask yourself how information can be more discoverable.
  9. You have the energy you have. You start and end when you start and end.

Friday night in the French Quarter

  1. Sometimes a guy just throws a whole damn stop sign, pole and one-way sign into the Mississippi.
  2. I really would like to see a ghost, except for how scared I am of seeing one.
  3. In New Orleans, tiny goats are eligible as pets.
  4. Crawfish are amazing.
  5. Sometimes you think you see a smashed crawfish on the ground and then the crawfish explodes into 8 tiny pieces that are roaches.
  6. Ignoring New Orleans feels like a grave error.
  7. Of course nuns brought vampire women to the new world.

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